Online Netiquette

Online Netiquette

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Online Netiquette



Ground Rules for the Online Classroom

  1. Participate: Make efforts to contribute to online discussions and forums. Every student is expected to share in these spaces. Marks will be awarded for online participation. Providing insightful commentary in the online discussion forums and chats is a requirement for passing any of the blended courses.


  1. Help Others: It is expected that you participate in reviewing, reflecting, revising and evaluating other students’ posts byreading other students comments and critically evaluating those comments. This is expected to challenge other students’ thought pattern and promote learning. The LMS will capture the summary of interactions and participation online by recording each student posts and the replies to other posts in order to grade.


  1. Use Proper Writing Style: This is a requirement! A virtual classroom is a professional environment. Make your statements clear, easy to read and with few or no spelling errors. Correct spelling, grammar, and style are expected in all scholarship and academic writing.


  1. Respect Diversity: The online classroom should be a safe space for people of all races, genders, sexes, ages, sexual orientations, religions, disabilities and socioeconomic statuses. Derogatory and sarcastic comments and jokes that marginalize anyone are fundamentally unacceptable, especially in the classroom. Do not use insulting or defamatory language when criticizing or commenting on someone else work. Our ethnically rich and diverse, multi-cultural world should be highly celebrated in the classroom


  1. Sharing Resources: Scan the net resources, library e- resources and if you find something interesting on the topic of discussion, alert the class either through posting the link or the video on the class forum page of your unit. Always recognize the source, where the material has been collected from to avoid plagiarism. You are free to share your work with colleagues and also comment on what they are doing. If there is something of importance you want the class to know, don’t hesitate to use the Class Forum available at the start of the course to alert the lecturer. Thanks